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Shelley McKean

Shelley joined our team in August 2007. She previously worked as a receptionist at a doggy daycare facility and, in her free time, volunteered at the local shelter. Needless to say, her experience, along with her love of animals and happy disposition, made her a perfect addition to our team. Her role in our office as lead receptionist, is of the utmost importance. To our clients, she is the first impression and often the last impression of our office. She isn't very hard to spot - She's the one often doing 10 things at once; answering the phones, checking pets in and out, filing, scheduling appointments.... and the list goes on and on. Somehow she manages to it all with a smile and ALWAYS makes time to love and kiss on the puppies and kittens. It is very obvious upon meeting Shelley that she has a profound love of all creatures great and small, and can often be found with a buddy (puppy, kitten, baby goat/sheep, deer) behind the desk with her as back up receptionists. Shelley worked 8 years at the McConnells location – and when the Rock Hill facility opened its doors – she was happy to take on the same position at the new clinic. We are lucky to have her on our team.

Pets: Ellie – the Sheltie, Moose – the Collie, Mouser – the cat and Larry – the bird.

What she likes most about PVMS: I love that the staff has completely become my second family. There’s not one person that we work with – that isn’t willing to help each other out. We all have this love for animals, and would do anything in our power to help them out. I also adore meeting new clients and all of their babies – old & new!

She can be reached at Shelley@palmettovet.com

Hannah Burgess

Hannah joined our team in August 2012 as an Intern while she was in school to get her degree. She graduated May 2013, and we were quick to offer her a position as a Veterinary Technician on our team. Hannah’s love for animals is extremely profound, as well as her eagerness to work. She is very good in any emergency situation – able to keep calm while treating the pet and doing what is necessary. We have also caught her multiple times cuddling all the puppies and kitties back there. Hannah worked at the McConnells location for 3 years, and when the Rock Hill facility opened its doors – we offered the same position at the new clinic. We are very lucky to have her on our team.

Pets: Bam Bam and Chloe – the Boxers, Gunner – the German Shorthair Pointer and Bandit and Cowboy – the 2 Horses

What she like most about PVMS: The positivity of my team, the willingness to help each other out. I love meeting new clients and their pets.

She can be reached at Hannah@palmettovet.com

Carley Blackwell

Carley joined our team in October 2012, working in our boarding facility for quite a few years. Carley is extremely friendly and doesn’t have a hard time showing her love for animals. All of the boarding clients felt a sense of relief knowing that Carley was one of the kennel help taking care of their babies – as they were always so excited to see her. Early into her starting at the clinic – we realized that she has eager to learn and started training her as a vet tech assistant. Carley has been thriving in that position – and so when the Rock Hill facility opened its doors – it made sense to bring her over here and continue onto greatness as a lead technician. We are lucky to have her on our team.

Pets: Camie and Kiki – the Cats, Nani –the Lab and Prince Harry – the Beta Fish

What she likes most about PVMS:  I’m really happy that I was invited into this tight knit family. This job has made my profound love for animals even greater. The hard part of the job is seeing sick animals – but the joy you feel when they get to go home – healthy and happy – is amazing.

  Helen Lynch

Helen started working here in April 2017 as our groomer. She has 9 years of grooming under her belt before we snagged her! And boy are we grateful - she is such a great presence to have around. She emits joy and happiness wherever she is. Her grooming techniques are phenomenal, and she has a way with her patients. We hear her on a daily basis being extremely patient, comforting, and even singing to her pups (Yes - we said singing. We have caught her multiple times) . We are lucky to have her on our team. 

Pets: Sky and Pooter - The Pit Bulls, Bosco - The American Bulldog, Kismet - The Best Mix, and Wee - The Kitty Cat

What she likes most about PVMS: My favorite part about working at PVMS is the staff. My coworkers are always helpful, kind and take great care of me. And of course the puppies! When they're here, I feel as if they are my own. 

  Amber Lucas

Amber joined our team in July 2017, working as a Vet Tech Assistant. She previously worked at several Doggy Day Care Facilities and came highly recommended.  Ambers love for animals is immense. She has such a happy deposition and is great to be around. She is an all around team player. Although she didn't have any veterinary experience - she is a fast learner - and eager to continue learning. We are lucky to have her on our team. 

Pets: Milo - Red Heeler Mix

What she likes most about PVMS: My favorite part about working here aside from loving on all these babies - is being able to put a smile on clients faces. I love being able to see our clients and their pets leave happy and healthy - all thanks to our staff.